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Green Coffee Collective

On our mission to take Southeast Asian specialty coffee to as many people as possible, it’s important for us to connect to roasters of all shapes and sizes, from those starting out in their roasting journey up to larger, long established coffee businesses.

That’s why it feels so right to be a part of Green Coffee Collective, a community of green coffee sourcing partners, who have come together from all corners of the coffee-producing world with the purpose to support early-stage roasters while promoting transparent trade.

We collaborate in the UK to make our unique coffees accessible for allcoffee roasters in 5kg bags. These smaller quantities are aimed at reducing the limitations startup roasters face in purchasing green coffee, and making sure that cash flow isn’t a barrier to exceptional lots.

Each origin expert can tell the story of their coffees with transparency and honesty, with the collective demonstrating the diversity that can exist amongst smaller coffee importers, including family-owned farms, producer networks and strong long term partnerships forged by spending significant time at origin on a regular basis. We’re very proud to be part of this community, which includes Cata Exports (Colombia), Karst Organics (East Timor), Omwani (East Africa), The Green Collection (Colombia), Mio (Brazil), Makicuna (Ecuador) and Ensambles (Mexico). 

At Indochina, we work directly with coffee farmers and producers from across Southeast Asia, to bring their delicious, fully traceable lots to our customers in the UK, Europe and beyond. If you’re a small roaster looking for exciting new beans, this might be your chance! 

The following Indochina coffees are available now in 5kg bags through the Green Coffee Collective.

A Lel Chaung (Myanmar, Natural)

An exceptionally clean and bright natural processed coffee, which really reflects the meticulous attention to detail – three groups of seven villagers work on rotation to hand sort the cherry.

Dongka (China, Washed)

A wonderful washed coffee produced by a family-run farm in Menglian region, Yunnan. This coffee has tasting notes of golden raisin, black tea and caramel.

Lafu (China, Washed)

Sweet, clean and consistent coffee with medium acidity – a great example of a washed Chinese speciality coffee grown at the higher altitudes (1600 masl) for Yunnan.

Head to the Green Coffee Collective website if you want to purchase a bag online or get in touch if you need more information.