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Pi Fb In Fl
Green Land Coffee sourced by Indochina Coffee from Myanmar


Country: Myanmar 

Region: Mandalay  

Township:  Mogok 

Farm: Ruby Hills Estate 

Farmer: Arrow Brothers 

Elevation: 1500 masl 

Variety: Catimor (H528) 

Process: Washed 

Screen size: 15+ 

 Season: 2020

Tasting notes: Elderflower, redcurrant, white sugar

Farm information

Ruby Hills Estate is placed in Mogok, a deep mountainous area in the north of Mandalay, its name reflecting the world famous and highly prized rubies that come from this region. This is a remote and inaccessible area for foreigners who can only access with permission from the government.

The farm is family owned and operated by Arrow Brothers, growing and processing coffee since 2002. It has 65 acres and an elevation of 1220-1525masl. Thi Ha Gyawalie is taking the lead in growing and processing coffees at his family farm. A Certified Q Grader and Processing Professional (CQI), Thi Ha is an avid experimenter interested in carbonic maceration and crafting interesting new profiles.

The farm started with Catimor H528 (from Thailand), but from around 2022 they will also be offering new varieties including Gesha, Pacamara, SL-34, Caturra, Catuai, and Jamaican Blue Mountain. They now hold EU Organic Certification in their farm for all coffees.


Processing information

This lot is one of the finest coffees from Ruby Hills Estate. The cherries for this lot are grown in a separate 10-acre coffee plot within the farm, containing 5000 plants. Due to steeper slopes and fewer quantities of plants per acre, the total amount of green beans is relatively small compared with other farms in Myanmar. Cherries are harvested at peak ripeness, going through flotation and pulping within 4 hours of harvest. This occurs twice daily, processing both morning and evening harvests. Fermentation takes place between 48-72 hours in 25 litre buckets, removing excess air and headspace. After the fermentation is complete, coffees are dried for approximately 20-24 days on raised beds.

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