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Coffee sourced from Milalittra, Philippines by Indochina coffee


Region: Northern Mindanao

Municipality and Province: Talakag, Bukidnon

Village: Miarayon

Farm: Milalittra

Farmer: Rio Besto

Altitude: 1700 masl

Variety: Typica

Process: Natural

Drying Method: Elevated drying

Mill: Coffee dehuller

 Season: 2019

Tasting notes:

Caramel, peach, molasses.

This coffee is produced by the Miarayon Lapok Lirongan Tinaytayan Talaandig Tribal Association, abbreviated to MILALITTRA, which covers four barangays (the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward) in the municipality of Talakag, Bukidnon in Northern Mindanao. This natural processed coffee was the second top arabica in the 2019 Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC), with an aggregated SCA cupping score of 85.04.

The major source of income for these indigenous communities is farming with an estimated 1,500 hectares devoted to this. Coffee trees are mostly located in family farms as well as back yard gardens. Other farm products common in area are high-valued crops such as carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Milalittra Specialty Coffee sourced by Indochina Coffee
Image courtesy of Milalittra Coffee